Paint Protection Film


Your new vehicle is a big deal and there is nothing like driving it off the lot feeling like a million bucks! For most, that purchase is the second biggest one, next to a home. Have you ever been behind someone who accidentally kicks up some stones while driving and they splatter the front end of your vehicle? How about taking your Jeep or truck through some brush while checking your land and branches make that awful screeching sound down the side? Or even been door dinged by the person next to you? Paint protection film will help with all those mishaps life presents. Drive your new vehicle with more peace of mind knowing your paint is protected!


AWT offers top of the line products from Xpel Technologies. Xpel’s Ultimate Plus comes with a 10yr warranty and provides great clarity so nobody will even realize it’s on the vehicle. This film also has a self-healing top layer. Light scratches, that you normally see in unprotected paint, will disappear with heat from the sun, leaving you with a clear finish at all times. Xpel’s film clarity makes it easy to pick and choose which panels you want to protect without having a change in appearance allowing you to do just the front bumper or the entire vehicle. Xpel is one of the leading film providers in the world. 


Paint Protection Film (PPF) also comes in a matte finish, which is called Xpel Stealth. This film not only protects your paint like the glossy Ultimate Plus, but it gives your factory color a matte finish. Now you can keep the factory color you love, but allowing you to stand out from all the other same colored models. See video below

Check out this video of their previous install of XPEL Stealth!

How Can We Help?

Abilene Window Tinting can help protect your home, office, and vehicle from damaging UV rays and even debris.

If you need assistance deciding on which Xpel auto window tinting option is the right one for your vehicle, just ask a member of our helpful staff. Contact Abilene Window Tinting today to schedule an appointment!