Automotive Window Tinting

Keep The Heat From Ruining Your Vehicle’s Interior

Automotive window tinting has advanced tremendously over the past several years. AWT offers the standard and the most advanced films on the market from Xpel. Tinting is created using a variety of materials including dye, carbon, proprietary metals, ceramic, and nano ceramic particles to achieve different levels of heat rejection and darkness. Dyed film is mostly for privacy that doesn’t block much heat. Metalized film uses dye for the darkness buy adds metallic properties that deflect more heat, typically 40-55%. The latest technology is ceramic film, which uses deep dye for the darkness and adds nano-ceramic particles that have a very high infrared heat rejection rating. Xpel Prime XR is a single-layer ceramic that blocks between 80-85% of the infrared heat. Xpel XR Plus is a multi-layer ceramic for maximum heat rejection, blocking between 94-98% of the infrared heat. That infrared heat is what you feel from the suns rays. Window film will not completely block all the heat as there are different type of ways heat is transmitted.

  • Xpel HP: Made using a hybrid dyed metal construction, Xpel HP works far better than average dyed films in blocking heat from the sun. The enhanced finish gives it an excellent combination of affordability and functionality.
  • Xpel XR: This blocks up to 88% of the sun’s infrared rays using a nano-ceramic construction. It’s also incredibly durable, not losing appearance or clarity as time passes, and it carries a very affordable price tag.
  • Xpel XR Plus: The multilayer, nanoparticle technology means that 98% of infrared rays won’t infiltrate your vehicle. If the ultimate performance is what you’re after, this is the choice!


  • Energy Efficiency: By blocking sunlight, automotive window tinting keeps your vehicle cooler in the summer. You won’t have to run your A/C on full blast.
  • Glare Reduction: Whether it’s the kids playing with their tablets in the backseat or you trying to read the gauges up front, you won’t have to worry about glare destroying your ability to enjoy the ride.
  • UV Protection: UV rays can damage your seats, console, and other portions of the interior of your vehicle. Automotive window tinting blocks those rays and keeps your interior looking like new.
  • Improved Style: Tinted windows are a sign of luxury and class. There’s nothing like feeling that you’re a famous person using window tinting to protect yourself from the paparazzi when all you’re doing is heading to the corner store to pick up a gallon of milk.
  • Enhanced Security: If thieves can’t see your aftermarket stereo, leather briefcase, or designer sunglasses, they won’t be tempted to steal them. Window tinting can keep the interior of your vehicle private and your possessions that much safer.
  • Check out the pictures below of just a few of the sweet rides Abilene Window Tinting has been trusted with.

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Abilene Window Tinting can help protect your home, office, and vehicle from damaging UV rays and even debris.

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