Ceramic Coatings

Protect That New Paint JoB

The best paint job is the one from the factory.

Protection of that new car or factory paint can be done in different ways. The best is a physical barrier with a film called paint protection film or PPF. Please see that section for more info on that. The next best we believe is ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is easiest explained as a longer lasting, harder forming, hydrophobic wax. Here is a video explaining it in more detail.


What does a Nano ceramic coating do?

Abilene Window Tinting carries top brands like Ceramic Pro and Xpel’s Fusion. Each vehicle’s paint will need to be evaluated for scratches, micro-marring, and cleanliness. This will help determine cost, preparation needed, and most importantly, your needs and expectations for a ceramic coating. See below for some of these coated beauties.


How Can We Help?

Abilene Window Tinting can help protect your home, office, and vehicle from damaging UV rays and even debris.

Simply put, Xpel’s Fusion ceramic coating can enhance the color and shine of vehicle paint, as well as prevent stains, fading, and tearing in your vehicle’s interior. Abilene Window Tinting offers ceramic paint coating to vehicle owners throughout the area. If you’d like to learn more about the Xpel’s Fusion ceramic coating we use, please just ask.


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